Did you recently take some time off from your job and paid a visit to merry ole' England to take in the sights and sounds? Many who vacation in England don't want to leave and go back home. There is just so much to see and so much to do in England since it has so many cultures and is steeped in history.

So, if you're back home now and daydreaming about your next visit abroad, you can create a little bit of England in your own home. How you ask? One thing you probably saw and fell in love with while you were in England were the English country gardens and there is no reason you cannot create your own right at home.

The plants and the flowers you saw as you walked through the many country gardens found around England can easily be recreated in your own garden in your very own backyard. If you don't exactly remember what they looked like just head on down to any one of your local gardening shops or nurseries near your home and tell them you want your garden to remind you of the traditional English gardens you so fondly remember. They should know exactly what you mean.

Once you get all your gardening supplies, the hand garden tools, the seeds, the water can, the soil, the plants, etc., you can start planting your very own oasis. Create a garden full of planned color schemes that are very tasteful with a combination of formal and informal to it that will seem like an authentic English garden.

Don't forget that if you want to go all out to add a formal carpet bed, ornamental pond, fountain, perennial border that is well stocked. If your backyard isn't big and you don't have as much room then just scale it down a bit. Work with you have and make your garden fit to the space you have. If you only have a tiny space then you might want to consider to plant only a mix of annuals, bulbs, and perennials that surround either a birdbath or a sundial while adding a couple of small rose trees. It might not be grand but sometimes less truly is more. We're sure that whatever you come up with will be just fine and turn out to be a very nice homage to England. Go to CountryFarm-lifestyles.com for some great tips on creating your own garden space.

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