While taking a Sunday drive you may have noticed homes that have ponds in the yard and wondered if this is something that you could have of your own. Many people love the idea of having a backyard pond but assume that it is too difficult or too expensive. While it is true that it can require some effort and investment to have a backyard pond most people would be surprised to find that it is usually less than they expect.

If you want to have a pond the first thing you must do is decide what type of pond you want to have. Do you want a simple reflective pool that is simply still, clear water? Or do you want a water garden or a Koi pond? When deciding what type of pond you want you should research the different options because they all have pros and cons. For example, Koi ponds require more work to maintain in such a way that the fish are happy and healthy but still ponds are more prone to breeding mosquitoes.

Once you have decided what type of pond you want you can decide upon the site for your pond. There are a number of factors that will affect your choice of site for your pond, but the most important is likely to be availability. Depending on the size of your yard you may not have many options as to where to locate your pond. If you have plenty of space you should situate you pond in a way that is appropriate to the type of pond you want. A reflecting pool will look best in full sun while a Koi pond will prefer shade, but will want to avoid overhanging branches.

Once the site for the pond is chosen you need to decide upon the size and shape of your pond. Most homes have simple circular ponds but you can choose to build your pond in any shape you like. This will also be the time when you decide how deeply you want to build your pond. A reflecting pond need only be about twelve inches deep whereas a Koi pond needs to be at least four feet deep, and the deeper you can make it the better.

When you have decided upon the details of your design, you will need to purchase supplies to construct your pond. The two main things you will need are a pond liner and a pump. It is important to seek professional guidance when purchasing these items because they will greatly affect the quality and success of your pond project.

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