For many people, working in the garden is more of a joy than a chore. But that doesn't mean you want to spend hours every weekend fighting the war against weeds. If you're working hard everyday or in a school than you will want some time to sit outside and enjoy your outdoor space. So, that will mean finding some successful methods for dealing with all of your unwelcome garden guests. Here are some tips for controlling weeds.

Those that are thinking about the weeds that might come long before it's even time for them to sprout can do some things to help with weed prevention. If you have a large garden plot around your home than you might want to leave some space in between your plants so that you can regularly turn that soil. Or you could cover the bare soil with mulch to prevent weeds from being able to grow there.

You should also make sure that you design your garden with weeds in mind. If you're planning for an English-style garden with flowers billowing over in every direction than you might want to make a plot that hides the weeds rather than you having to pull them all out. If, on the other hand, you have prized roses growing in the back of your property than you're going to want to take all appropriate measures to get rid of any weeds that might appear within a couple of feet.

When you're pulling out weeds there is nothing more frustrating than having one break before you get out the entire root. Then you know that when you come back to doing your landscaping in a week that the weed will just be back as good as new. One way of avoiding this issue is to wet the soil before you start weeding. You should also try to get the weeds out before they flower, as this is how they are able to spread their seeds to the rest of your garden and lawn.

If you are thinking of using some sort of product to control the weeds in your garden than you should start by considering all natural or organic options. There are many that will work to get the weeds between your stonework and will not hurt your flowers. To know which products might be best you will need to consider what species of weeds you want to kill and what plants need to be spared. The best thing to do would be to speak with an expert at your local garden centre or visit a ideas website like Pinterest. There you will usually find tons of ideas of how to kill weeds from folks just like you that have tried and failed or succeeded.

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